Sheggz and Bella sat down on the couch for a chat after their morning workouts and preparations for the day. The two talked about their relationship while her feet were on his and his hands were on hers. They also discussed their most recent conversation.

They had an intimate conversation about each other the day before. Sheggz stated that he does not want to be perceived as a guy who expresses his emotions too openly, as previous Housemate Ozo did.

Their conversation resulted in requests for increased effort. Sheggz believes Bella is not reciprocating his efforts to strengthen their relationship. "You're beautiful, but you have to work harder," Sheggz says.

Bella's response expressed the same sentiment. "I never told you to make an effort," she explained. You have to work hard to get me." The two Housemates believe that the other is not putting in enough effort to build and grow their relationship.

Sheggz kept calling Bella "babe," despite her request to be addressed by her given name. Sheggz, on the other hand, prefers 'babe' because everyone else calls her Bella and he is not everyone else.

They began talking about what they would do together outside of the House. They talked about traveling, and Sheggz promised to spoil her rotten. They appeared to be having a healthy conversation, with lots of laughter and hand holding.

 Bella not only got a kiss on the hand, but she also got a list of promises. He assured her that he would never make her feel small, afraid, or disrespectful.

Bella, on the other hand, reiterated that she does not want to lose focus and is here to win.

Does this mean she won't succumb to Sheggz's advances? Keep an eye out to see how this one plays out.

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