Nigerian indigenous hip-hop rapper and songwriter  Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, popularly known by his stage name CDQ has took to his social media to laments about the economic hardship in his country.

CDQ who took to his verified Twitter handle wrote :

Are we going to ignore d fact that things are really getting difficult for d masses day by day in Nigeria. People are getting tired already. Pure water #5 is now #20 Egg of #30 is now #120 Bread of #200 is now #1,200 diesel of #164 is now #800 yet no increase in Minimum wages🤦‍♂️

In another tweet he wrote:

The only question is : How did we get here 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ what happened to our currency that it got so depreciated even below Ghana cedis. where are the developments all the money borrowed spent on. all these people ruling us do they have heart and conscience atall? Are they really human🤦‍♂️

@kraftthecreator reacted:

the fact that am single and i make more than 150k a month and am living like am suffering is terrible sometimes am like omo people are suffering

@princeronk reacted:

@NLCHeadquarters since u last negotiated the minimum wage, FG have increased VAT, prices of electricity, fuel, gas, diseal have increased, all goods in the market have increased by over 250% at least. I just want u to know that the minimum wage increased is rubbish. Thank u

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