The Federal Government yesterday uncovered that it seals 358 drug stores and patent medication shops in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in four days.

It expressed that the sealing of the drug premises for different offenses, including working without enrollment, counterfeit licenses, administering moral items without the oversight of a drug specialist, unfortunate capacity and disinfection, and so on, was in accordance with its central goal to guarantee that meds consumed by Nigerians are protected, powerful and of good quality as they travel from one level of the circulation chain to another.

The Registrar of the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria (PCN), Pharm Ibrahim Ahmed, who spread the word about this in Abuja while tending to columnists, uncovered that four patent medication sellers have been captured and are being arraigned.

He further uncovered that beginning around 2018 till date, its public authorization group had visited in excess of 30,000 drug premises and fixed in excess of 20,000 the nation over.

He said: "The multiplication of unregistered medication shops has stayed a significant snag in the completion of the National Drug Distribution Guidelines (NDDG). A large number of these premises engaged with offer of meds to people in general don't have suitable storerooms consequently presenting meds to brutal ecological elements like high temperature and mugginess.

"Toward the finish of the ongoing requirement practice in FCT (between Monday to Thursday this week), a sum of 500 and 84 (584) premises were visited. This includes one hundred and 85 (185) Pharmacies and 300 and 99 (399) Patent Medicine Shops.

''A sum of 300 and 58 (358) premises comprised of ninety (90) Pharmacies and 200 and 68 (268) Patent Medicine Shops were fixed for different offenses, some of which incorporate working without enrollment with Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, inability to reestablish premises permit, administering moral items without the oversight of a drug specialist, unfortunate capacity and sterile circumstances among others, while five (5) Pharmacies and Patent Medicine Shops were given consistence orders.

"Four patent medication sellers were captured. Three of them were captured for breaking PCN seals and one for showing counterfeit patent drugs merchant permit in his shop.

''Since my supposition of obligation as Registrar on 10 June 2022, I have investigated the whole tasks of the PCN and I expect to fortify the public requirement group and furthermore reposition the Pharmaceutical Inspection and Patent and Proprietary Medicines Vendors Committees in the states to upgrade observing, review and authorization cross country. This ongoing authorization in FCT is essential for this work.

"Additionally, endeavors are progressing to guarantee that all medication vendors in open medication markets in the nation are migrated to Coordinated Wholesale Centers (CWCs) in accordance with the National Drug Distribution Guidelines."

With respect to that unfamiliar prepared drug specialists coming into the country to rehearse are capable, Ahmed said: "The evaluation of unfamiliar prepared drug specialists should be a wellspring of worry for administrative bodies. Nonetheless, in PCN, we don't just sit tight for them, particularly nations that get a ton of graduates from their schools down to Nigeria. We go to those nations; guarantee that we evaluate the preparation in those organizations. Any organization that we are not happy with, we won't concede their understudy into our own program.

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