There was mild drama at the Supreme Court, Abuja, on Thursday 23rd of june as a Lagos-based human rights lawyer, Malcom Omoirhobo caused a stir in the courtroom when he appeared in the full traditional attire of an “Olokun priest” to attend court proceedings.

Before the commencement of the day’s proceedings, Malcolm, who arrived the courtroom was bare-footed. He tied a red wrapper atop his black trouser, which he rolled up to his kneel.

He attached a feather to his wig and also had a gourd tied around his neck with a red piece of cloth. 

Malcolm Omirhobo, who strolled into the courtroom a little past 9am, sat in an obvious to eye part of the court where he was seen by many, including his fellow lawyers, who were surprised by his appearance.

Few minutes after Omirhobo arrived the courtroom, the Justices entered, signalling the commencement of proceedings.

But, on sighting the strangely dressed lawyer,  John Okoro, the Presiding Justice, announced the suspension of proceedings.

Omirhobo, later exited the court on being satisfied that he has made a point.but initially  ignored entreaties by security officials, including police personnel, to vacate the courtroom.

He explained his action was informed by the last Friday court’s judgment  in the appeal by Lagos State, in which the court sanctioned the wearing of head cover (hijab) to public schools by female Muslim students.

In a split decision of five to two, a seven-member panel of the Supreme Court (made up of five Muslims and two Christians) had in its majority judgment, dismissed the appeal by Lagos.

Omirhobo said that the implication of the judgement was that every citizen, including doctors,lawyers, students journalists and so on, could now wear their worship robes or regalia in public places.

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