The Nigeria Police Power has said 130 senior cops having pending Disciplinary Issues (PDM) are showing up before the Power Disciplinary Board of trustees (FDC) at the Power Base camp (FHQ) in Abuja.

The test, which started on June 28, will end tomorrow.

Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO) Olumuyiwa Adejobi, a Main Director of Police (CSP), declared this in a proclamation yesterday in Abuja.

The assertion peruses: "A sum of 130 senior cops from everywhere the country with pending Disciplinary Issues (PDM) will show up before the board inside this period.

The officers comprise two Commissioners of Police, three Assistant Commissioners of Police, 11 Chief Superintendents of Police, 19 Superintendents of Police, 18 Deputy Superintendents of Police, and 77 Assistant Superintendents of Police.

"Endless supply of procedures and knowing about confirmations, suggestions on each matter will be conveyed to the Police Administration Commission (PSC) for thought.

''The IGP has communicated trust in the DIGs directing the Power Disciplinary Board to guarantee administration of equity in all causes before them. The IGP similarly guarantees that the Power is purposely dedicated to tidying up its home for a more expert and residents centered policing framework."

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